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HR Lex Ltd is a law firm specialized in business employment law for companies. We focus on employment risk management and business-focused solutions in employment law matters. Our clientele consists of companies of all sizes and industries, and we are happy to provide service in English, Finnish and Swedish.

Dispute resolution and litigation

Employment disputes may not be avoided, but risks can be managed with an accomplished and experienced employment lawyer. We handle employment disputes in court and arbitration as well as investigate the possibilities for settlement.

Restructuring of labour

Change and reorganization of business operations, outsourcing and transfer of business often require restructuring of labour. We advise clients in the planning and implementation of the transformation, and in the practical execution of co-operation procedures.

Termination of employment

Terminating employment by mutual contract is often the best alternative also for the company. We investigate the risks and alternatives of termination of employment and advice clients in negotiations with the employee.


Principal terms of work must be agreed upon in the employment contract, but certain terms can flexibly be left to employer’s policies. We draft employment and director’s agreements, and advice in collective agreements as well as tax efficient bonus-, option- and share-based arrangements for key personnel.


Training of supervisors is the best employment risk management for any company. We customize training and workshops on current topics according to the company’s needs.



Licensed legal counsel, trained on the bench, CEO

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Johanna has worked as an employment lawyer since 2004 and she has extensive experience in advising clients with employment contracts and daily employment law related questions, layoffs, termination of employment, co-operation procedures and employment disputes. Johanna's areas of expertise are reorganization of business operations and outsourcing. She has also extensive experience in handling employment disputes in court and arbitration.

Authorized Public Accountant, Certified Board Member

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+358 400 711 540

Jukka is an entrepreneur in the accounting industry since 1990 and an Authorized Public Accountant since 1997. He is a partner of the Boardman-network and has extensive experience in board work and co-operation between owners, boards and business management. Jukka's areas of expertise are corporate governance, corporate law, taxation as well as mergers and acquisitions.

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